First tip for living waste-free: Reusable grocery bags

Photo credit: Brigitte Morin

I wonder if the new tax of 5 ¢ per bag at the grocery store actually encouraged people to bring their own bags. Also, why isn’t there a tax for the plastic produce bags?

I own three types of bags to bring shopping with me: I have my large reusable grocery bags which I am sure you have all received at the last conference or event you attended; I have a large produce bag to carry my apples, and other larger products; I also have small reusable produce bags for green beans, herbs, etc.

I used to use the plastic ones from the grocery store, but I purchased some reusable produce bags which can double as cheesecloth and laundry bags.

They cost 11$ (for three bags) the Herb and Spice on Bank St, but you can always make your own using left-over materials or an old t-shirt.


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